Craftsman 6 Drawer Tool Chest Review

Craftsman 6 Drawer Tool Chest Review

Craftsman Tool Chest is the product we wished to review for a long time. This company is known for heavy-duty class and quality tools and storages. Today, Craftsman 6 drawer tool chest is under our investigation.


Craftsman Brand

Craftsman is a well-known brand in the USA, which name actually speaks for itself. Craftsman was created back in 1927, and the brand was controlled by Sears until 2017. For this period products gained a reputation of those with great build quality, comfortable design, proven-by-years durability.

craftsman brand

Craftsman is, in fact, sponsored NASCAR Truck series for 13 years, which is impressive. Products first produced under Craftsman brand had an unlimited lifetime warranty, which proves their self-confidence in product quality. Time flies, things change, so did their warranty program over past years. Not they offer a limited warranty on all products in the line, and duration varies depending on series and type. In March 2017 Craftsman brand was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker. The deal was closed on March 9 with a total value of $900 million.

Build Quality

Tool chest Craftsman makes is from tool storage line of products. This particular one is a top part, that could be put on top of the middle part or directly onto bottom rolling cabinet. The product has dimensions 14.5 x 29 x 18 inches. This is fully steel construction with only drawer handles made from aluminum. Solid build means good weight, and that is the case here as well – 47 pounds. On the outside Craftsman top tool chest is covered in a red protective coating. This paint increases resistance to scratches and liquids spilled over (by accident, of course). craftsman tool chest put on top You start to understand why this storage unit is Craftsman heavy duty tool chest when it comes to drawers. They are 26 inches wide, leaving some space for improved steel construction. Here you have 6 drawers of various size with the total volume capacity of 3292 cubic inches and up to 600 pounds maximum load. This is one hell of a tool chest! All drawers are on ball-bearing rails so it’s easy to open and close them. The bottom drawer is the highest of all, which makes it perfect for spacious tools to be highly organized. Next comes two identical drawers positioned in the middle. The top level is equipped with three drawers one-third of a width each. These are best for different drill bits, nozzles, and caps for tools, maybe even screws. Besides drawers, you have the ability to put your tools on the top of a chest, which has hinged lid and mat.

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ball bearing drawers in craftsman 6 drawer tool chest For safety concerns, you have a lock which completely blocks all drawers. The good feature which could prevent unwanted use of your tools keeps everything safe and secure. safety locks on craftsman 6 drawer tool chest Craftsman tool storage chest has 2 side handles that make it easier to grip the chest and move it around. Drawers have full-length handlebars, they are comfortable to bear. craftsman 6 drawer tool chest side handles Here we rounded up everything we researched and understood about Craftsman 6 drawer heavy duty top tool chest for you to make up your mind with bell, book, and candle.


  • Relatively compact size
  • A modern design of the chest
  • High-quality materials
  • Massive storage capacity capabilities
  • Various drawer sizes for improved management
  • Additional space under top hinged lid
  • Increased security with keyed locking system
  • Limited 10 year warranty period


  • Compatible mostly with Craftsman own tool storage solutions for stacking purposes, so be aware before buying as the shape is not square
  • Some units have manufacturing defects (rare) which result in quick drawer bending


We wanted to get the best craftsman tool chest. This one was our goal. We looked up at a lot of craftsman tool chest reviews, got our hands-on unit, tested and used it for a while and made a conclusion. This product is great. It is of good value, offers many features, and the parts are made of quality materials. Compact size and spacious drawers are features you often look for when equipping your garage or completing your tool storage with the top chest. Advantages outnumber disadvantages, everything sums up to the fact that you can buy this product and rely on it being durable and just good.


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How to remove drawers from Craftsman tool chest?

Pull out the drawer to the full extension, then hold slides and push drawers half an inch away. In the hole in the slide, you will see metal stopper. Just push it with your screwdriver, do the same from the other side and then pull the drawer – it should come out right away.

How to open Craftsman tool chest drawers?

You should pull the drawer handle and it would open right away! But, seriously, check out the first question.

Hot to fix Craftsman tool chest drawer?

For those in need, Craftsman has a customer care program. This ensures you would have service help and repair parts. You could as well use your warranty.

How to organize a Craftsman tool chest?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone has his own tool package and work habits. However, our recommendation would be to put spacious tools (i.e. power tools, drills) into the bottom drawer, equip both middle drawers with wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and wire cutters, and the last three drawers with drill bits, nozzles, cap, headers etc. In our opinion, this is the most efficient way of managing tools.

Who makes Craftsman tool chests?

Sears was the main manufacturer of Craftsman product line for decades. After the acquisition of the brand by Stanley Black & Decker Sears still have the rights to manufacture products under Craftsman brand name, but the main manufacturer changed. Stanley Black & Decker has a plant in Sedalia, Missouri, USA, where new series of products are designed and produced.

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