Homak H2Pro 72-Inch Tool Box Review

Homak H2Pro 72-Inch Tool Box Review

Today we will look closely at one of the best tool storage solutions from Homak H2PRO series 72-in wide 21-drawer rolling cabinet. Definitely, this professional cabinet satisfies needs of great and busy mechanics, and soon you will found out why. 

Homak H2PRO Series

We will start our review by telling you exactly who Homak is. Homak Manufacturing is a brand founded by Sigmund H. Danziger in Chicago in 1947. At first, they were manufacturing kitchen cabinets, but then they expanded the market into making tool boxes and storages. Nowadays, Homak offers hand-carry toolboxes, tool bags, parts organizers, tool storage cabinets, workbenches, garage furniture, safety cabinets, spill containment systems, P.B. & E. products, steel lockers, gun cabinets, fire-resistant safes, ammo storage boxes, and accessories. This huge line of products is of high quality, durable and reliable, and has offered in different price ranges.

Homak Logo

Homak tool storage line up could also be described with these words. They have SI, RS PRO, PRO, and H2PRO series. Starting from SI series, Homak offers solutions for beginners at budget-friendly price-point. The build quality is decent, but for a good mechanic, even a beginner, it is just a temporary solution. Next comes RS PRO series with higher quality and more options to choose. PRO series is even a better choice for a master, great storage choice and comes with as few compromises as possible.

However, the true beast is H2PRO series, but more on that later. The product line consists of base rolling cabinets (36in, 41in, 56in and 72in), top chest of corresponding sizes, side cabinet (18in) and side locker (19in). Acquire all of these parts together and all your tools would definitely find their place in the storage combo. Though, even one of the parts is already a great organizer for a small to middle sized service or garage. We, of course, are talking about the rolling base cabinet, which is just above 72 inches wide.

Build Quality

All Homak H2PRO series cabinets and chests are built from the same steel with double wall construction, which is proven durable and resistant to crashes. It is covered in 3.2 mm epoxy polyester powder-coat finish. This material is highly resistant to scratches and chemical spills. Not that you would want to spill all the liquids on your drawers, but it is always a good bonus.

In this cabinet, you have 21 aluminum drawers, 3 columns of 7 drawers each. The middle column is the wider one (37 5/8in), while both left and right side drawers are 12 1/4in. wide. All the drawers are 19 7/8in deep and 4in high, except of one drawer in each column. These three (the middle drawer is in the top and side ones are in the bottom) are higher (8 7/8in.), so you could fit spacious tools in them.

Homak H2PRO Series 72-Inch 21-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Features

All drawers have full-length aluminum handles with black plastic end caps. They are connected tightly to drawers, so even if you fully load your drawer with tools you could easily pull. If you overload the drawer, and it will break the slides, be sure that ball-bearing slides are replaceable, so you will not be stuck with one broken drawer.

All H2PRO series cabinets are shipped with EVA drawer liners and top mat. They provide protection from your tools to the drawers and prevent them from sliding everywhere. A helpful addition, you might say, and you will be correct. These liners are removable, so you can swap them for your better solution.


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The cabinet is protected by Homak HMC High-Security Tubular Locking System and shipped with a pair of keys. You can secure your tools inside so no one would take them out, which is especially useful in shared garage workplaces.

H2PRO 72inch tools storage solution from Homak is heavy, no doubts. It weighs 585 lbs or just above 265 kg. The total storage capacity is 1200 lbs (544 kg), which is impressive. To carry so much weight Homak placed 6 heavy-duty 6in. by 2in. roller bearing casters. These are capable of carrying 550 lbs each, so be sure your cabinet is movable and reliable at any given point.

Tool Management

We all think that we have just quite not enough tools in our arsenal. Drawers could be filled with screwdrivers, drills and other things, and you might think that you do not have something while it is not true. However, once organized correctly and efficiently, the cabinet turns to be time- and money-saver, as you will find everything you need in seconds.

The best way to organize your tools is by the frequency of usage and relevance. H2PRO 72 inch cabinet is great for that. You can fill top middle drawer (which is higher) with your drills, jigsaws, and electric screwdrivers and drill drivers. The height of the drawer allows such spacious tools to be put in here. Next to it, at left and right you can fill the drawers with drill bits, nozzles and caps for tools, so you could quickly swap them effortlessly.

Homak h2pro middle drawers

Next few rows of drawers should be filled with your torque wrenches and commonly used sockets. This will ensure that while you are working on a car all the relevant (and very necessary) sockets are close to you.

Drawers underneath could carry all the wrenches you have, even the biggest ones, as the height and depth allow this. Different picks and hook tools could be placed along with the wrenches.

Wrenches in homak

What about the last rows of drawers, you should fill them with important but not so common stuff. For example, we filled our review unit with standard screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, woodworking tools, electric testers, snap on screwdrivers, wire cutters, radio removal instruments, test lights, and soldering stuff. These all fitted perfectly in the last six to nine drawers and weren’t stacked on top of each other.


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Finished build is equipped with everything you could need for the work and repairs, which is nice. And for 21 drawers with given depth, it is amazing how efficiently everything important fitted in.

Today we will look closely at one of the best tool storage solutions from Homak H2PRO series 72-in wide 21-drawer rolling cabinet. Definitely, this professional cabinet satisfies needs of great and busy mechanics, and soon you will found out why. 


  • Double wall Steel Construction
  • Strong Aluminum Drawers
  • HMC Security Tubular Locking System
  • Included EMC drawer liners and top mat
  • Replaceable Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides
  • Full-length Aluminum Drawer Handles
  • 1200 lbs Maximum Load Capacity
  • High Drawers that Fit all the Possible Tools
  • Warranty


  • Sidebars for cabinet moving take a lot of space
  • Drawers could be deeper
  • When pulled from the side drawers tend to wobble a bit
  • EMC drawer liners are slipping around under big weights when drawers pulled


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Overall, Homak H2PRO 72in tool box is of great quality. This is the best what Homak is offering, and you can fill it even in the details. H2PRO series is built to exceed your expectations, and 72 inches 21 drawer rolling cabinet is a proof. In addition, this tool storage comes with 8 years of limited warranty, so if something goes wrong you can contact Homak for help. This is the longest period of warranty given by Homak, and that is a mark of quality. The coating is exceptionally resistant, and after years of use you just have to clean it up and the cabinet would look like new again. Positive sides of the cabinet completely cover all the possible disadvantages. You would be satisfied with this tool storage. This concludes our Homak H2PRO 72 in review.

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