Ohtsu AT4000 is an all-terrain tire designed specifically for SUV’s, crossover and light trucks and with affordability in mind. Learn more in our Ohtsu AT4000 review.


AT4000 is a tougher all-season tire created for comfort and good usability. We know that when you drive your SUV, crossover or light truck you want to get the most out of it, and our goal is to help you achieve this. Tread compound is made out of unique polymers and orange oil. Combine this with twin steel belts inside and nylon cap ply and you get great durability on and off road, puncture resistance and increased traction. Random tread blocks positions cancel noise on highways much better than you could expect. Deep dynamic grooves are wave-like, deliver extra traction and grip in all-terrain conditions.


Ohtsu AT4000 is an exceptional model for the value. Our customers share their experiences and stories, which are strongly positive. When you are wearing a set of our all-terrain tires, you could expect great on and off-road driving experience. On highways the traction, handling and braking is exceptional, while noise is almost non-existent. When getting off-road – drive with confidence, as Ohtsu AT tires would provide you with all the durability and grip you need to overcome any obstacle.


While Ohtsu AT4000 is not top of the line product, it satisfies all the needs for the great value. Provided features are found on more expensive models as we want to give you the freedom from tight budget and help you unleash your vehicle’s potential. We are proud to share with our achievements in all-terrain tire industry.

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 2 reviews
by Richard Gombert on AT4000
Love Them
Location (City, State): Newark, DE
Vehicle: 14 Ford F150 4WD

I am very pleased with these tires on my four-wheel drive Ford F150 truck. Great in the snow even in 2 wheel drive. With my other tires I always had to use 4 wheel drive.
When I installed these tires the truck immediately drove like a dream and they traction has been excellent. They also look mean and aggressive.
Really nice tires.

by Alisson on AT4000
Adventure time for AT lovers

Had seen so much reviews about these and decided to pick a set for my SUV. I glad i did it as they look delicious with black color of my car. What about performance, i have driven them all around New Jersey on and off road and it went perfect. I would give a shot to Ohtsu for my sedan as well, maybe good all-season tires like FP8000 would be awesome. All in all, I encourage you to try AT4000 as they are great all-terrain tires for the price!

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