Ohtsu FP0612 A/S is an all season tire, so no need to change your tires based on the season, fit these tires and forget, will meet your requirements all year round. We present to you our Ohtsu FP0612 A/S review.


The Ohtsu tire FP0612 A/S is built to comfortably keep you moving. These all-season tires are built for handling in both wet and dry road conditions while delivering a smooth, quiet ride. Unique asymmetric tread pattern improves performance when it comes to handling response and stability. Large tread blocks combined with four circumferential grooves around the tread help you achieve excellent traction and grip on wet pavement. Ohtsu FP0612 A/S is made with steel belts with a polyester cord body inside that add to tread life and longer durability. This unique design combined with outstanding engineering would give you driving experience you probably never had.


  • Optimized tread pattern. Delivers a quiet, comfortable ride;
  • Deep sipes and circumferential grooves. Improves traction and grip in wet conditions;
  • Leading build quality. Rubber compound, steel and polyester provide durability you anticipate;
  • Consider your set of tires loyal. You are backed by our limited treadwear warranty.


Ohtsu FP0612 A/S helps you unleash your vehicle’s high performance potential and maximize your driving experience. Excellent performance with a quiet ride keep your life on a roll. For an all-season tire model you would definitely be surprised by the performance. Ohtsu FP0612 A/S would overcome difficulties of your everyday commute and deliver thrilling ride at the same time. Our customers love this product as it is a reliable choice that is easy on their wallet. This concludes our Ohtsu Tire FP0612 A/S review.



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FP0612 A/S
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 7 reviews
by Christopher on FP0612 A/S
Ohtsu FP0612 A/S
Location (City, State): Orlando Florida
Vehicle: Mercedes C280

I bought a set of these Ohtsu FP0612, 215/60 15 05/16. I just now replaced them with a new set of the same. I got 33,000 miles on the old set in a 4 year period, mostly city driven on a 22 year old Mercedes with challenged suspension ie mostly worn bushings. I have had no issues with these tires and replaced due to low tread and losing air due to dry rot after 4 years in Florida heat. I liked these tires enough to put a set in my 2015 Passat TDI 18” wheels. Would I buy again? You bet and I did because they perform well in wet conditions and dry

by Rawland Rickey on FP0612 A/S
Ohtsu turns a blind eye to a safety concern with their tire
Location (City, State): Fort Worth Texas
Vehicle: Nissan Juke NISMO

I purchased a few months ago a 2015 Juke NISMO with 15,000 miles on the car. The tires, newly mounted (unsure if by dealer or previous owner?) OHTSU FP0612 A/S. Overall the tires perform really well in dry conditions. Wet conditions are another story as the grip of the tires seem to slip in the lightest of rains. Also, less than a week after buying the car i noticed a bulge in the side wall of the tire. I took the car back to the dealership and they agreed the tire was bad and needed replacing, however, since they didn't put the tires on (so they claim) that I would need to contact Ohtsu warranty department. With no phone number and only a email I requested that they provide guidance on how this should be handled. A response was never received. So while the overall tire is decent, the inability of Ohtsu to address this safety concern is disconcerting. I look forward to having Ohtsu address this safety concern and will update this post accordingly.

by Ryan on FP0612 A/S
Pretty good for the $$
Location (City, State): Salt Lake City, UT
Vehicle: 2012 Acura TL FWD

I purchased two of these from Discount Tire largely due to the price and relatively decent reviews online. They're surprisingly good tires for the price. I can't comment on treadwear or winter performance since I've only had them for about 3000 miles and use a dedicated set of winter tires. However, I can say that their dry and wet traction is sufficient as well as their responsiveness and noise level. I'd say they're above average in most categories - certainly acceptable for a tire that's half the price of the ones I normally use (Continental DWS06 ExtremeContact).

by Dave on FP0612 A/S
Really Good For The Price
Location (City, State): Easthampoton, MA
Vehicle: BMW X3

Bought a set of these a few years ago for my BMW 528iT. They were much better than I expected. They are as quiet as the Michelins I took off and cornered / handled well. They are good in the rain and decent in the snow. I was impressed enough that I just ordered a set for my X3.

by carLover on FP0612 A/S
Something unusual

I bought one set of these for testing and reviewing for my youtube channel, and was pretty impressed. For a price like this one I expected much worse performance, however the experience was great! It is very unusual for this price range, to find good, quality rubber of excelent value. Impressive!!!

by Erik on FP0612 A/S

These tires performed well above average! I have driven on highway, both wet and dry, in snow and mud, and even a little off road. Everywhere I was able to drive with enough control, traction. These few months were good for my car as these tires made almost everything better than the ones I had before. Highly recommend!

by Paulo on FP0612 A/S
Good and cheap

I have bought 2 sets: one for my Audi, and the other one for my wife's Mazda. On both vehicles they performed pretty well, I consider this not a waste of money. This rubber is a really good all-season rubber, no doubts. Would buy these again, maybe something more expensive from Ohtsu.

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