You might wonder, what kind of rubber you could get given a small budget? We think that we have an answer for you as Ohtsu FP6000 is a model from low end tier, but it has something that would surprise you about Japan engineering. Learn more in our Ohtsu FP6000 review.


After years of technological progress, we are reevaluating our technics and patents. We think that best is yet to come. However, we would not wait for it to come, but try to do the best we can now. That is why we include our what is called ‘next generation directional tread design’ in mass market. This improvement brings absolutely different driving experience to your everyday commute. Tread compound is enhanced with silica which increases wet handling and offers shorter distances in all conditions. Dual circumferential center ribes add to the last one as well. New and improved design of directional tread pattern increases grip and stability when driving at higher speeds. Traction is great thanks to variable shoulder blocks. Ohtsu FP6000 A/S includes two steel belted construction for advanced durability as well as treadlife.


You have worn your old tires to the dead end and started looking for a new set to buy. Suddenly, your eyes caught the price that is easy on your wallet, and you decided to give it a shot. New tires surprise you with handling on dry and wet pavement. Cornering grip is also great, breaking is easier and shorter, and even snow is not a huge problem. You drive thousands of miles and realize that you made the right choice when bought these very affordable tires back then. Wherever you go, you are provided with warranty services when needed. You become a loyal customer of the company, because you appreciate the value of the product. That is, in fact, the experience of using Ohtsu Tires FP6000.


In a few words: FP6000 A/S is a reliable choice for a great value. At this price point, you do not expect much, but we deliver something special for you in the form of our product. In addition to all the features, we provide a 35k miles tread warranty on the FP6000 A/S.



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by BoBiSgReAt on FP6000
Lovin this AS tires

Wasn't expecting much, especially in the snow and on ice. But when yesterday in the middle of snowstorm I was barely the only one who could ride, I was highly impressed. It's just a miracle for me, and the price satisfies my inner self. I like everything about these tires, FP6000 are great!

by Rob on FP6000
Love these tires

Love these tires. Great grip, good quality & price. Nice traction.

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