Ohtsu FP7000 is a classic all-season performance tire model. We present to you our Ohtsu FP7000 review. 


Good, and even exceptional, traction, cornering etc. could not come from smooth rubber. At Ohtsu Tires we put much effort in research and development of unique and useful tread patterns that would satisfy needs of our customers. Ohtsu Tires FP7000 is not exception. Non-directional tread pattern looks good and performs well. Continuous center rib would help with steering response and control on highway. Cornering and braking, as well as traction, are improved with larger outside shoulder blocks. These blocks increase control on dry surfaces, while depth of lateral grooves reduce gliding on wet pavement. What about rubber itself, we combined materials to make this classic all-season tire model of great value. You have to run it at your proper size without having to stretch it as it is not a stance tire.


While this model is not Falken Ohtsu FP7000 (Ultra High Performance), exceptional summer or winter tires, FP7000 is all-season model of great value. It does not matter if you drive on dusty dry roads, on highway during pouring rain or even on light snow, you would have full control of your vehicle, because we want you to have it. Smart engineering and efficient manufacturing allowed us to give your car increased traction, cornering, and last, but not the least, braking capabilities. You would not hear them as well as they are close to silent during medium to high speeds. Talking about speeds, Ohtsu FP7000 tires have speed ratings of H, V and W, which means comfortable control on speeds from 0 to 130 or even 170 mph.


Ohtsu FP7000 is our successful attempt in touring tires. We provided our customers with the ultimate all-season tire solution. And, as a Japan company, we would not forget our customer after payment as we provide him or her with our services and exceptional Ohtsu Tires mileage warranty, that vary from 30k to 80k miles. For even more serenity of our clients we make our tires with tread wear indicators, so they would know when it is the right time to get another new set of rubber from Ohtsu Tires.


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 9 reviews
by Raymond on FP7000
2000 Peugeot 106

For the price the performance can't be beat. Traveled on heavily rainy roads when one of the tropical storms passed through. These tires handled the wet weather very well. Dry performance is excellent I haven't got them to squeal around the corner yet and I am an aggressive driver. Overall I'm very pleased and we'll have to wait and see how the treadwear life is. I have 1600 miles on them so far.

by Michael on FP7000
2010 Hyundai Azera

These are GREAT cheap tires I use for drifting. I gave the 3 stars for dry and wet handling only because they aren't as sticky as other tires. But the reason I love these is because they last a long time on the rear wheels during drifting track days. I hot lapped on these tires for 2 or 3 hours on and off the track, they wore evently, they don't chunk, or delaminate, they have a decent amount of grip to be fun and they lasted a loong time! These out listed and outperformed my atr sport tires, I recommend these as a great rear drift tire or street tire. They behave wonderful on the street, while not being the best, can't beat it for the price!

by jdlatta on FP7000
My spare tire.
Location (City, State): Kansas City, KS
Vehicle: 2012 Nissan Murano

I bought this tire to use as my spare. I mounted and inflated it 3 weeks ago and it has held the same air pressure since then. The tire appears to be of average quality for this price range only possible problem is the single polyester ply sidewall; however, for this size tire and in this price range the single ply sidewall is not unusual. Haven't driven on this tire yet.

by yellowvetter777 on FP7000
2004 Mitsubishi Colt

I can't say anything bad about these tires! Have only had them for 2 months so far but they are quiet on the road and they handle good on dry roads. With the couple of days of rain we've had they performed well there too. Can't speak for snow as we haven't had enough to really rate them there. These don't perform like the $200 plus per tire but I don't expect them to for the price and I don't need them to. My early 20s are over but they do handle spirited stints just fine passing cars on country roads and plenty of grip when pulling out in front of traffic where the tires aren't spinning and you've just cut someone off

by paseo1994 on FP7000
2013 Dodge Dart

Running these on a 2013 Dodge Dart that I commute around 40 miles a day with and do 100-200 miles on the weekend as an Uber driver. So far so good the noise levels are acceptable, comfort is good and dry handling is decent. Hydroplane resistance is superior I never felt a tire tackle puddles and small minor flood areas when a heavy downpour occurs on the highway. Wet traction though on the start is a bit slippery and all around I wouldn't push them to the limit like some higher priced tires that do A+ in sliding-slipping resistance.. No snow testing unless I get caught in it I have dedicated winter tires for that. All around I would buy again at this point you can't beat the price vs performance.

by zfloyd12 on FP7000
2013 Subaru impreza

Went to my local tire shop, was quoted about $700 for new tires and alignment after getting a tire patched. They quoted me on a set of nankang tiresof the same quality. Decided to buy online instead to save money. After mount and balance and alignment I walked out spending $450 total. Tires are very smooth and quiet. Nice tread pattern, and has the extra lip to protect the rim from curb rash. Very grippy and responsive to cornering. Noticed a lot less under steer from my old set. Just got done with a heavy rain these tires did very well in the wet conditions. Have only had a few thousand miles but seam to holding up very well! Will be buying these again when I need new ones. If your thinking about getting these I highly recommend them and the price.

by Anonymous on FP7000
Could be better..

I wanted much more from them, as they were so highly rated. But I only got middle to high, not great experience. Their performance on snow could be better, and I prefer tighter grip. But, all in all, they are not bad, I mean, they are not priced as pirelli.

by John on FP7000
Quality tires with good price

Great quality for an affordable price!

by Patric on FP7000
Good tires

Really good & quiet tires.

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