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by Christopher on FP0612 A/S
Ohtsu FP0612 A/S
Location (City, State): Orlando Florida
Vehicle: Mercedes C280

I bought a set of these Ohtsu FP0612, 215/60 15 05/16. I just now replaced them with a new set of the same. I got 33,000 miles on the old set in a 4 year period, mostly city driven on a 22 year old Mercedes with challenged suspension ie mostly worn bushings. I have had no issues with these tires and replaced due to low... view more

by Rawland Rickey on FP0612 A/S
Ohtsu turns a blind eye to a safety concern with their tire
Location (City, State): Fort Worth Texas
Vehicle: Nissan Juke NISMO

I purchased a few months ago a 2015 Juke NISMO with 15,000 miles on the car. The tires, newly mounted (unsure if by dealer or previous owner?) OHTSU FP0612 A/S. Overall the tires perform really well in dry conditions. Wet conditions are another story as the grip of the tires seem to slip in the lightest of rains. ... view more

by Ryan on FP0612 A/S
Pretty good for the $$
Location (City, State): Salt Lake City, UT
Vehicle: 2012 Acura TL FWD

I purchased two of these from Discount Tire largely due to the price and relatively decent reviews online. They're surprisingly good tires for the price. I can't comment on treadwear or winter performance since I've only had them for about 3000 miles and use a dedicated set of winter tires. However, I can say that their... view more

by Teej on FP8000
Ohtsu fp8000
Location (City, State): Nashville, Tn
Vehicle: Cadillac ATS

My first time using this tires and also I’ve never heard of this brand before but when my friend installed this tires to my new wheels I bought my Cadillac rides so smooth and I can’t even hear the road noise at all. I would highly recommend this to my family and friends. Very good on sharp turn and so nice and looks aggressive... view more

by Richard Gombert on AT4000
Love Them
Location (City, State): Newark, DE
Vehicle: 14 Ford F150 4WD

I am very pleased with these tires on my four-wheel drive Ford F150 truck. Great in the snow even in 2 wheel drive. With my other tires I always had to use 4 wheel drive. When I installed these tires the truck immediately drove like a dream and they traction has been excellent. They also look mean and aggressive. Really... view more

by Dave on FP0612 A/S
Really Good For The Price
Location (City, State): Easthampoton, MA
Vehicle: BMW X3

Bought a set of these a few years ago for my BMW 528iT. They were much better than I expected. They are as quiet as the Michelins I took off and cornered / handled well. They are good in the rain and decent in the snow. I was impressed enough that I just ordered a set for my X3.

by Raymond on FP7000
2000 Peugeot 106

For the price the performance can't be beat. Traveled on heavily rainy roads when one of the tropical storms passed through. These tires handled the wet weather very well. Dry performance is excellent I haven't got them to squeal around the corner yet and I am an aggressive driver. Overall I'm very pleased and we'll have... view more

by Michael on FP7000
2010 Hyundai Azera

These are GREAT cheap tires I use for drifting. I gave the 3 stars for dry and wet handling only because they aren't as sticky as other tires. But the reason I love these is because they last a long time on the rear wheels during drifting track days. I hot lapped on these tires for 2 or 3 hours on and off the track, they... view more

by jdlatta on FP7000
My spare tire.
Location (City, State): Kansas City, KS
Vehicle: 2012 Nissan Murano

I bought this tire to use as my spare. I mounted and inflated it 3 weeks ago and it has held the same air pressure since then. The tire appears to be of average quality for this price range only possible problem is the single polyester ply sidewall; however, for this size tire and in this price range the single ply sidewall... view more

by yellowvetter777 on FP7000
2004 Mitsubishi Colt

I can't say anything bad about these tires! Have only had them for 2 months so far but they are quiet on the road and they handle good on dry roads. With the couple of days of rain we've had they performed well there too. Can't speak for snow as we haven't had enough to really rate them there. These don't perform like ... view more

by paseo1994 on FP7000
2013 Dodge Dart

Running these on a 2013 Dodge Dart that I commute around 40 miles a day with and do 100-200 miles on the weekend as an Uber driver. So far so good the noise levels are acceptable, comfort is good and dry handling is decent. Hydroplane resistance is superior I never felt a tire tackle puddles and small minor flood areas... view more

by zfloyd12 on FP7000
2013 Subaru impreza

Went to my local tire shop, was quoted about $700 for new tires and alignment after getting a tire patched. They quoted me on a set of nankang tiresof the same quality. Decided to buy online instead to save money. After mount and balance and alignment I walked out spending $450 total. Tires are very smooth and quiet. Nice... view more

by carLover on FP0612 A/S
Something unusual

I bought one set of these for testing and reviewing for my youtube channel, and was pretty impressed. For a price like this one I expected much worse performance, however the experience was great! It is very unusual for this price range, to find good, quality rubber of excelent value. Impressive!!!

by Erik on FP0612 A/S

These tires performed well above average! I have driven on highway, both wet and dry, in snow and mud, and even a little off road. Everywhere I was able to drive with enough control, traction. These few months were good for my car as these tires made almost everything better than the ones I had before. Highly recommend... view more

by Alisson on AT4000
Adventure time for AT lovers

Had seen so much reviews about these and decided to pick a set for my SUV. I glad i did it as they look delicious with black color of my car. What about performance, i have driven them all around New Jersey on and off road and it went perfect. I would give a shot to Ohtsu for my sedan as well, maybe good all-season tires... view more

by Carl on ST5000
Better than original

My original tires on Ford lasted for 60k. I was willing to replace them for the ones with better value, and I did. Ohtsu makes great rubber, and these are words told by experience! I'd like to thank everyone in Ohtsu Tires for creatin budget solutions for our problems. I've been looking for tires for 4 month before changing... view more

by BoBiSgReAt on FP6000
Lovin this AS tires

Wasn't expecting much, especially in the snow and on ice. But when yesterday in the middle of snowstorm I was barely the only one who could ride, I was highly impressed. It's just a miracle for me, and the price satisfies my inner self. I like everything about these tires, FP6000 are great!

by Anonymous on FP7000
Could be better..

I wanted much more from them, as they were so highly rated. But I only got middle to high, not great experience. Their performance on snow could be better, and I prefer tighter grip. But, all in all, they are not bad, I mean, they are not priced as pirelli.

by Paulo on FP0612 A/S
Good and cheap

I have bought 2 sets: one for my Audi, and the other one for my wife's Mazda. On both vehicles they performed pretty well, I consider this not a waste of money. This rubber is a really good all-season rubber, no doubts. Would buy these again, maybe something more expensive from Ohtsu.

by Brandon on FP8000
Excelent value for price!

In a nutshell: big surprise! I didn't expect anything like that, though I wasn't expecting much either. Good on-road performance, and they look like as they r new (but I just put 10k miles on them!) definitely would buy again!!!

by John on FP7000
Quality tires with good price

Great quality for an affordable price!

by Patric on FP7000
Good tires

Really good & quiet tires.

by Rob on FP6000
Love these tires

Love these tires. Great grip, good quality & price. Nice traction.

by Jeremy on FP8000
Perfect tires

Great tires for the price. Sticky on the road. Unsuitable for snow & ice.

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